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600 Saal by E Sharp

From the first moments of Karachi band E Sharp ’s second album 600 Saal, it’s evident that the trio have had a change of sound. It’s easy for bands to fall into the sophomore slump (it’s a real thing OK?), where they change directions completely, cutting the umbilical cord of the first album and innovating

Listen to fresh albums from NAWKSH and Gentle Robot

Just a quick mid-month update, as we had two new albums out last week... First up a surprise drop from NAWKSH & the Upper Ceratyl Searchbot with a 14-track experimental record NO NEED TO HIDE WHEN IT'S DARK OUTSIDE. It's a dark and lonely album that's always interesting. Current favourite tracks: 'LEAVE U BEHIND', 'TREEHOUSE' and 'LUNCHBOX'. It's

Watch our unofficial video for Block-2’s gorgeous track ‘Ethereal’

The second episode in our low budget music video series. Hands are pretty great, all things considered. Hope you enjoy. Block-2 is a Karachi artist, whose latest release was the bombastic 'shrap' EP. Important links so you can support the artist: SoundCloud: Patari: Facebook:   You can also watch the first video for NAWKSH's 'Hash

[TAAZA] Motorcycle by Shajie

‘Motorcycle’ feels like a breakthrough for Shajie. Everything seems to come together here in such a beautiful way, I was a little blown a way the first time I heard it. Shajie’s latest builds around a mechanical drum machine loop that cycles continually underneath a fuzzy guitar and robotic electronic blips and synths. But, as