Top 20 Tracks

The Year in Pakistani Alternative Music: Top 20 Tracks

16. Circus – Wooly and the Uke

Circus Wooly and the Uke

This track makes the ukulele sound horribly ominous. That’s a feat in and of itself. Wooly and the Uke, along with Jamal Rahman’s production, creates a theatrical, melodramatic canvas which is painted with paranoia and existential doubt. I listened to it once at 2am alone and it was an honestly terrifying experience.


17. Dus Rupay Glass – Saulat Qadri

Dus Rupay Glass artwork

Using a repeated sample of a juice vendor in Karachi broadcasting ‘dus rupay glass’ through a loudspeaker, Saulat Qadri creates a wonderfully experimental composition. It takes its time – the track is 9 minutes long – but it has a hypnotising quality. Samples worm their way in, all phased in and out of each other over the course of the track. There’s never the sense of any rigid structure here, just a pure curiosity that oozes through, making it one of the most satisfying experimental cuts from 2017.


18. The Epic – Keeray Makoray

The Epic Keeray Makoray

One of Keeray Makoray’s more ambitious tracks, ‘The Epic’ justifies its name with 7 minutes of inventiveness, shifting effortlessly between genres and moods. Then there’s the saxophone that swoons into the mix. It’s a challenging, but ultimately incredibly rewarding listening experience.


19. The Desert Journey – The D/A Method

The Desert Journey Single Artwork

The use of South Asian classical instruments melded with progressive rock makes ‘The Desert Journey’ one of the standout tracks of the year, with the sound perfectly encapsulating the eerie, mysterious environment of the desert. ‘In this desert land, nothing can be known’, sings the band, and by the time the track ends, you’ll want to dig your head in the sand and uncover more secrets.


20. Gol Gappay – Sikandar Nawaz Rajput

Gol Gappay SIkandar Nawaz Rajput

Sikandar Nawaz Rajput’s latest track ‘Gol Gappay’ arrives at the perfect time as we’re about to close the door on 2017. For many, 2017 has been a terrible year politically, environmentally, socially, whatever. But even despite the negativity, ‘Gol Gappay’ provides a soft moment of perspective. It’s a gentle nudge of encouragement: keep your chin up, it’ll all be ok in the end.


That’s our list! We missed out loads of amazing tracks that came out, so let us know what we overlooked! Here’s to an even better 2018.  

Coming soon will be our Top 10 Albums and Top 5 Music Videos, so keep an eye out for those. 


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