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Listen to the lovely ‘No Funeral At All’ from ‘Causing a Tiger’ (2010)

Throwback to 2010’s experimental album ‘Causing a Tiger’ from musicians Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi and Shahzad Ismaily. Ismaily, born to Pakistani immigrant parents, is an incredibly talented self-taught composer and musician, currently based in New York.

‘No Funeral At All’, the lovely tender opener to the album, has elements of Northern Pakistani folk music to it – that’s incredibly vague but I don’t really know the region’s music well enough to place it better, but it really reminds me of trips up north. There’s also an Irish folk feel there too.

Anyway, I stumbled upon it, and thought you might enjoy. The rest of the album is far more experimental and challenging, but well worth the effort. Looking forward to whatever else Ismaily, Kihlstedt and Bossi have in store for us in the future.

The album title, by the way, is from a Jorge Luis Borges collection ‘Dreamtigers’:

And so, as I sleep, some dream beguiles me, and suddenly I know I am dreaming. Then I think: this is a dream, a pure diversion of my will; and now that I have unlimited power, I am going to cause a tiger.

The full album is available on Spotify.

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