The D/A Method spin a mesmerising web of sound on ‘Darvaish’

The D/A Method are no strangers to complex, long compositions that meander and take some time to find their groove. Their debut album ‘The Great Disillusion’, for instance, has 3 tracks that extend over 7 minutes. Here, on the fourth instalment of Live at True Brew, they perform the fantastic ‘Darvaish’; another complex production but one that is anchored by the refrain ‘ghoom darvaish ghoom’. Whenever it pops up, the synths swirl, Usama Siddiqui’s voice loses the rough edges, and the track spirals, ascending from something complex into something that’s intricate and beautifully simple.

Catch the performance below.


Live at True Brew // 4 // The D/A Method - Darvaish


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