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Listen to fresh albums from NAWKSH and Gentle Robot

Listen to fresh albums from NAWKSH and Gentle Robot

Just a quick mid-month update, as we had two new albums out last week…

First up a surprise drop from NAWKSH & the Upper Ceratyl Searchbot with a 14-track experimental record NO NEED TO HIDE WHEN IT’S DARK OUTSIDE. It’s a dark and lonely album that’s always interesting. Current favourite tracks: ‘LEAVE U BEHIND’, ‘TREEHOUSE’ and ‘LUNCHBOX’. It’s up on Bandcamp (name your price) here.

Then there’s the debut EP Feel from Gentle Robot. You can watch the video for the fantastic single ‘Maladaptive’ below. Feel is available exclusively on Patari here.


Go listen, enjoy, let the artists know what you think.


Gentle Robot – Maladaptive ft. Natasha Noorani


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  • […] NAWKSH released an album last month, but ‘Searchbox’ wasn’t on it, although it very much sounds like it could have been. Like many tracks on the album, NAWKSH here experiments with repetition, phasing sounds and melodies in and out of sync, and it reminded me of some of Steve Reich’s work (but I always say that whenever I hear repetition so idk). But with the synths weaving in and out of the mix, NAWKSH appears like a chemist, adding elements here and there and seeing what emerges. […]

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