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Hassan Hadeed’s ‘Red Semantic Voicings’ is perfect for a lazy Sunday

Hassan Hadeed is a Rawalpindi-based artist who operates in the spaces between singer-songwriter, post-rock and ambient music. Take something like ‘Dream Noise‘, where it sounds like the mics and amps have been overloaded and distorted, but the result is nonetheless beautiful. ‘Miss You‘ has a DIY, my-recording-equipment-is-crap feel to it, and really reminds me of some of The Microphones’ early work.

‘Red Semantic Voicings’, too, is tinged with lo-fi intimacy, with Hadeed’s vocals (I think?!) heavily muffled and lingering in the background, providing a vague but beautiful little melody that the guitar strums around. By the end of the track, we’re treated to a brief outro from a cleaner electric guitar and cuts through the reverb.

It’s basically perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Enjoy, and here’s looking forward to whatever Hadeed has in store next.

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  • hassan hadeed

    woowww!! thank you so much mosiki! im exhilarated to see this! so grateful!!

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