Keeray Makoray are therapists for charsis on their latest single ‘Noni’

Keeray Makoray have always had a sense of humour about them. They’re not a band that takes themselves too seriously,  even though they are able to create ambitious and deeply serious songs. On ‘Noni’, though, the band find themselves as, somewhat oddly, inspirational figures. On the final verse, vocalists Misbah Uddin and Altamash Sever spout a series of proverbs and mantras: ‘give yourself to the world / let the scrolls of your thoughts unfurl’, they sing, with Sever’s more abrasive voice complementing Misbah Uddin’s subdued vocal nicely.

But the composition on ‘Noni’ doesn’t suggest some kind of Earth-shattering realisation or incredibly profundity. Instead, there’s funky guitar work and a general sense of playfulness. The music video reinforces this comedy, depicting a figure tormented by a man in a balaclava (with sunglasses), who can only be stopped by playing sweet guitar riffs.

The first verse may hold a clue: ‘Sitting home all alone / You’re getting high you’re feeling stoned’. What follows, therefore, is essentially therapy for charsis, a deeply inspirational speech to smokers too high to get off the couch. “Your soul searches and lingers / Then channels its music through your fingers’, sings Sever.

And although it might just be pot wisdom, it’s wisdom nonetheless.


Check out the video and the track below.

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