Mosiki Mixtape April

Listen to a roundup of this month’s indie releases in April’s Mosiki Mixtape

Before we get into this month’s mosiki mixtape, 2 albums dropped this month which you should go and listen to. Ali Suhail’s fifth studio album Pursuit of Irrelevence is available on Patari, Spotify, and pretty much every music app so there’s no excuse really (except SoundCloud which is why it’s not in our mixtape). You can read our thoughts on it here. Karachi band E Sharp also released their sophomore LP 600 Saal last week. We’ll have our thoughts on it soon, but in the mean time, listen to the gorgeous ‘Saj Raha Hai’ up there on the playlist.

In other releases not on SoundCloud, Shajie released ‘Motorcycle’, which was our latest [TAAZA] track. Janoobi Khargosh also released a new track from their much awaited new album, along with a trippy nostalgic PTV throwback video, which you can watch here. Sikandar Ka Mandar’s ‘Bolo’ from the Chalay Thay Saath soundtrack got it’s own lovely (road)trippy video too, which you can see here.

Meanwhile, Karachi artist Al Ak released an edit of fellow Foreversouth member Asfandyar Khan’s wonderful ambient track ‘New Moons in New Cities’. Al Ak’s edit gives the track a slinky r’n’b feel, so it’s pretty much perfect chill out music. Poor Rich Boy’s ‘Cereal Killer’ is also up there, even though it was released a couple months ago, the band only just got round to uploading to SoundCloud. But a new PRB track isn’t something you sleep on, so if you haven’t heard it yet…

Cheemgadar’s ‘Waapis’ is another little vignette of restless electronic music. There’s a hint of aggression and danger here with angry synths and trios of violin slashes. Redhouse’s ‘Oh Dorian’ is a mad seizure of dubstep and EDM. It’s a huge departure from Redhouse’s meditative, poetic lullabies that often take single piano lines and extend them over 6 minutes. Here, through Hollywood samples, Redhouse questions what music mean to us? The answer? “I dont know… its full of emotion but its not happy”.

Closing out the playlist, Spirare has released the fourth single from her upcoming album ‘100 Fathoms’, and it’s another atmospheric ambient piece, and the most positive and ethereal track we’ve heard from the album yet. Alif Bae’s ‘If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?’ takes a nice lounge piano line and builds it slowly into nice relaxing electronica.

Finally, there’s Saulat Qadri’s experimental sample looping ‘Das Rupay Glass’, another one of our [TAAZA] tracks.


Laters, see you next month!

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