Mosiki Mixtape: fresh tracks from Talal Qureshi, Mehdi Maloof, Gentle Robot and more

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Mosiki Mixtape so there are a few tracks on here that were released more than a month ago.  Having said that, this playlist is straight fire imho we are blessed with some great talent. Let’s get right to it. You can listen to the playlist in its entirety below:

Talal Qureshi feat. Naseebo Lal – AAG

This latest single from Islamabad producer Talal Qureshi is, like most of the artist’s other work, a BANGER that utilises Naseebo Lal’s incisive voice to brilliant effect. It’s such a great and unexpected partnership, with Lal essentially acting as a hype woman. Qureshi’s production is bombastic but allows Lal to take centre stage, as it should. This should come with a warning. 


Rahema Z. A. – Texture

The debut track from Karachi producer Rahema features the signature bustling percussion that has become a staple of much of the electronic music that comes out of the city. Rahema pairs this franticness with a more calm texture of synth work and vocal warbles. It culminates in something groovy and layered; for a debut track, it’s impressive work and we’re looking forward to more.

Adil Omar – Revelations

We’ll have more to say about Adil Omar’s latest album ‘Transcendence’ soon, but for now here’s another banger, featuring chunky synths and some impressive vocal work from everyone involved. This is Omar at his most daring and extravagant and it’s so exciting to listen to.

SZUR – ready to drown feat. Mikael

SZUR, a producer from Lahore, has only released a couple of tracks, but they already sound promising. Ready to drown has a touching guitar melody to go along with the pillowy texture of the track. While the lyrics are a bit too vague and generically sad to have any real impact, it’s the production that stands out, making this debut something you can sink into.

Gentle Robot – Slow

The latest single from upcoming EP Breathe, ”Slow’ is another interesting development in Gentle Robot’s discography. While debut EP Feel was a technically fantastic release, it sometimes didn’t register on an emotional level. But with Slow, Gentle Robot seems to be moving in a more soulful direction. The guitars echo with a surfy reverb, Ibrahim Imdad’s vocals are much more confident as he explores his range. The track really comes into its own towards the end; there’s a brilliant melody that kicks in, feels almost disco-like. ‘Ooh baby, I can’t stop the feeling’, croons Imdad. It all fits in with the general concept of the albums – a robot learning about human emotion. If Feel was impressive but cold to touch, Breathe might be the robot warming up.

Mehdi Maloof – Gandi Si Building

Is there a better lyricist right now in Pakistan than Mehdi Maloof? Every one of his (few) releases has such a clear and unique voice to it, and Gandi Si Building is no different. There’s his sardonic and dry sense of humour that he displayed in ‘Do Hi Rastay Hain’ – ‘maintenance ki aunty bhi kaafi ajeeb hain’ he sings while cataloging the various different people and sights around his building.

Maloof experiments with a more complex and layered production this time, and it totally works. There’s the worry with guitar singer-songwriters that extra production might buff away the rawness, and end up drowning them out. But the piano and bouncy bass really lifts the track here, and Maloof’s lyrics and delivery demand your attention. He never gets swamped by the added instrumentation. All in all, a brilliant track.


Haris Haroon – Tujhmein hi hai sabhi!

Haris Haroon’s blues-y alternative rock album ‘Putli Tamasha’ is well worth listening to in its entirety, and Tujhmein is a nice taster for what you can expect. The compositions are constantly shifting but anchored by strong riffs and melodies. It gives the project a messy, sprawling feel (a good thing!) but it’s still tightly controlled nonetheless. Can’t wait to hear more.


Tollcrane – Intermission has Ended

Karachi producer Tollcrane is back with his unique brand of electronic music. While his album ‘Trips Alone’ was a fairly dark affair, Intermission has a much more serene feel to it, with glowing pads and a chill, unhurried groove. Good to have you back Tollcrane.


Faris Shafi x Ali Sethi – Waasta

Faris Shafi is one of the most exciting voices in Pakistani rap, and this collaboration with Ali Sethi will be great for fans of his work. Sethi’s vocal sets the scene beautifully, painting a mournful soundscape that the muted percussion and beat complement. Faris’ flow here, though, is somewhat disinterested and stand-offish. Compared the the viciousness of ‘Jawab De’ (which I absolutely love), this sounds a little toothless in comparison, even though Shafi is still laser focussed on social issues, displaying the same self-deprecating humour and self-awareness that makes his work so interesting in the first place. Here’s hoping Shafi is here to stay, and blesses us with more music.


Biryani Brothers – Ikisvi Sadi
Laqeer Ke Faqeer & SomeWhatSuper – Mithu Donda

The beautiful debut track from artists Natasha Noorani and Zahra Paracha, and the haunting ‘Mithu Donda’ by Laqeer ke Faqeer and SomeWhatSuper close out the mixtape this month. They were both Taaza tracks, you can read the full write-ups by following the links above.


Other releases:
Shehrazad – Dil Hee Tou Hai

This rendition of Mirza Ghalib’s poetry is wonderfully layered and opulent. Shehrezad’s vocal is cutting and sharp, the electronic touches are modern and complement the sitar and more traditional aspects of the production. It’s a precisely crafted piece of music. The music video is also fantastically made. Exciting new talent here, keep an eye and an ear out.


That’s it for this month. Hopefully this will be more regular. If you like anything, let the artists know! Support local music! Exclamation marks!

L8r sk8rs.

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