Mosiki Mixtape

Mosiki Mixtape – January 2020

The freshest tracks from January 2020.

We used to do regular monthly mixtapes before we didn’t. And even though I don’t think many people listened to them it was still fun to assemble. So we’re bringing it back.

Here’s the Mosiki Mixtape for January 2020. And hopefully there will be one for February 2020 also, and so on and so forth. Not all of the songs in the list were released in January but we found out about them now so they are here. And we have a new ‘Cross Border’ section, where we highlight some amazing music from across the border.

There’s a new release from Takatak that wasn’t up on Soundcloud so there’s a link to the song on Youtube below.

And if you find anything new here, go follow the artists on their social pages and let them know, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Enjoy!

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