MOYO at True Brew TV

Moyo’s new track sounds like Blade Runner if it was set in Pakistan

The second episode of ‘Live at True Brew’ features Moyo, aka Hassan Mohyeddin, a composer and percussionist based in London. Using synth textures and that gorgeous, familiar ‘dhinak dhin’ of the tabla, Moyo creates a lush and textured ambient soundscape.

There’s something particularly intriguing about seeing an array of tablas flanked by a laptop, drum machine and synthesiser. It’s the meshing together of electronic, synthetic sound with organic South Asian instruments that makes Moyo, and this set, so fascinating.


Contemporary hip hop and alternative electronic music has always had a similar fascination with South Asian instruments, and it’s frequently the tabla that seems the most easily wedded to these genres. Whether it’s Madlib’s wild and fun experiments with Bollywood samples in his ‘Beat Konducta in India’ albums (opening track is brilliantly titled ‘Enter: Hot Curry’), or Jai Paul’s extraordinary ‘Str8 Outta Mumbai‘, what unites many of these artists is the exploration of South Asian classical music’s relationship with contemporary sound.

And that’s also what makes Moyo’s neon drenched track ‘MSSNGR’ worth a listen. Here Moyo fuses the tabla with these synthetic soundscapes creating something unique and brimming with possibility. It reminded me heavily of Pakistani artist Omar Gilani’s digital illustrations that imagine a science-fictional Pakistan, complete with hovering rickshaws and steampunk sitar players.

I had the good fortune of watching this live, and it was just as hypnotising as it sounds above. Be sure to check it out, and keep an ear out for his album ‘Neon Horizon’.


True Brew TV features new original music every Thursday at 6pm on their YouTube page. Support local independent artists! 

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