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Sikandar Ka Mandar release music video ‘Shehri’

Sikandar Ka Mandar’s latest music video is a satirical critique of middle class attitudes and a social media generation. In the video, the band road trip across Pakistan in a stolen truck, an interior selfie of which is posted to Facebook of course. They light their cigarettes on other people’s newspapers, and steal bananas from an adorable monkey. In the end, they reel in their biggest catch, the infamous chai-wala, for a selfie. It’s pretty damning stuff given current affairs, and well worth a watch and a ponder. Incidentally, just yesterday we ran a feature about Patari Tabeer and the figure of a chai-wala.

The track itself is rousing indie anthem, closing with a repeated ‘Aao’ and tribal percussion. It was released as part of Volume 1 of the Patari Aslis series.

In case you don’t know about SKM: in 2013 they released a fantastic self-titled debut LP, which you can listen to here. I’ve heard that they may be releasing new music soon, so keep an ear out ya dingus, it’ll probably be special.

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