Sikandar Ka Mandar - Tu Fikr Na Kar

Sikandar Ka Mandar announce new album, release fresh single ‘Tu Fikr Na Kar’

It’s officially time to GET HYPED because Karachi band Sikandar Ka Mandar have announced a release month for their sophomore album, as well as released a new single ‘Tu Fikr Na Kar’, recorded at their ‘Live at the ElectrikRoom’ Sessions. The band promises that the album (yet to be titled) is releasing ‘next month’, meaning December 2017.

‘Tu Fikr Na Kar’, which follows the first and excellent single ‘Gehri Neend’, is a more anthemic track with a big rousing chorus. Frontman Nadir Shahzad says that the track is dedicated to his late dada, and it’s a touching and passionate tribute to family. ‘Yaar, mere yaar, mera pyaar, tu fikr na kar, rehta hai tu meray andar, hum dono hain mast qalandar’, sings Shahzad. But despite this deep, heartfelt connection, there’s still an impassable chasm between them, a mountain that Shahzad is told not to climb.

Zahra Paracha provides a solemn acoustic guitar to the track, while Ali Suhail leads a more piercing electric, as well as impassioned backing vocals. The two complement each other perfectly, the calm reflective acoustic contrasted with the intense zeal of the electric. In the end, the track drowns in this frenzied sound. ‘Mujh pe kar thora bharosa’, assures Shahzad, presumably to his dada, and the song moves from one of quiet dedication to spirited conviction. ‘Hum dono hain mast qalandar’.

Can’t wait for the album.

Watch the video for ‘Tu Fikr Na Kar’ below.


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