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Can – Block-2

Recently, most of Block-2’s output has been heavily trap inspired. Just take a look at his contributions to the Forever South Hotcues series, or his popular single ‘I need hardware’. But on ‘Can’, Block-2 goes back to some of his more muted and restrained work. One of my absolute favourites from Abdul Moiz Parvez is ‘Ethereal, where he captures a remarkable amount of emotion using strange, off beat percussive samples. In fact, some of the blips and bloops and synth wobbles on that track often seem downright silly, and it can seem like you’re the punchline to a joke you didn’t hear, but the end result is something that is genuinely moving. ‘Can’ is similar in this regard, using cut up vocals, metallic clinks and handclaps over a solemnly strummed ukulele (which almost seems an oxymoron). And while it never quite recalls the emotion of ‘Ethereal’, it nonetheless further shows Block-2’s ability to summon feeling out of strange places.

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