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First Light – Cheeems

Cheeems is one of those chameleonic artists who seems able to do anything. In the bouncy ‘round the bend’, he takes on the stripes of chill dance music. In the stellar ‘Water’, he’s bluesier and poppier, before switching up into a sort of psych-funk breakdown. In ‘Island Dawn‘, he’s a lo-fi bedroom singer-songwriter. But if there is one connecting theme, it might be the mellowness of the keyboard that surfaces in many of Cheeems’ material.

‘First Light’, though, is immediately more urgent. The percussion is a little more restless than we’re used to for a Cheeems track, and the electronic elements fly through the mix. The anxiety of ‘being left behind’ gives rise to this more desperate composition. Ali Suhail provides the production here, and he builds upon the more electronic sound he has been leaning towards since his ‘Desolve’ EP, in particular the structurally succinct and powerful ‘Better Time Than Me’.

‘First Light’ is another strong addition to Cheeems’ already deep and diverse discography. Listen to it above, and below is ‘Round the bend’, just because it’s so much fun.


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