Gol-Gappay-Sikandar Nawaz Rajput

‘Gol Gappay’ by Sikandar Nawaz Rajput is your losers anthem for 2017

Over the course of Sikandar Nawaz Rajput’s ‘Gol Gappay’, the singer songwriter tells us that he’s broke, his girl has left him, he’s been stopped at a naka for having chars, his car has stopped working, his father has disowned him and, perhaps worst of all, he no longer gets any likes on Facebook. All he has left, he sings, are gol gappay.

And even though everything has completely gone to shit, Rajput finds the joy in losing. The track begins with an infectious whistle, recalling the ‘whistle while you work’ trope. No matter how bad things get, just whistle a tune and wait. Everything will get better in the end.

Lyrically the track resembles the brilliant ‘Float On’ by Modest Mouse, where the protagonist is plagued by similar bad luck. The opening lyrics for instance: “I backed my car into a cop car the other day / Well, he just drove off – sometimes life’s okay”.

It’s that ‘sometimes life’s okay’ that ‘Gol Gappay’ calls our attention to. The whistles, the beautifully melancholic horns, the ‘la la las’, the endearingly simple guitar strumming. The entire composition suggests that Rajput is watching his life crumble around him with a faint bemused smile painted on his face.

Sure, it might all be shit right now, but in the end it will all be okay. And at least you have gol gappay.


‘Gol Gappay’ is the second episode of the Patari Aslis Volume 2. Check out the charming and colourful video below.

Gol Gappay | Sikandar Nawaz | Patari Aslis Vol 02 Ep 02 | Full Song

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