Kamzor by Cheeems

‘Kamzor’ is a sparkling pop song that tries to explain the unexplainable

On Cheeems’ latest single ‘Kamzor’, taken from his latest EP ‘Aik Aur‘, he grapples with the inexplicable. ‘Mamala kuch aur hai’, he says softly, and almost as a side-note to himself. Seconds later the sentiment is repeated – ‘silsila kuch aur hai’. It’s that ‘something else’ that Cheeems seems unable to describe that forms the unstable centre of this beautiful, melancholy pop song.

A softly strummed guitar provides the main melody topped with sparkling instrumentation that gives the track a glimmer. What stands out here is just how soft everything is. It’s not kamzor, just delicate. The track is interrupted by a mid-track change-up, which introduces a much more aggressive, churning bass. The snare hit rises in the mix and has a sting to it. It feels like an antagonist just walked into the room – there’s an air of manufactured drama about this section, and Cheeems’ own vocal stretches to cover the melodrama, alternating from an airy falsetto to a deeper pitch.

But as Cheeems transitions back to the central melody of ‘Kamzor’, he seems much more confident in his uncertainty. ‘…Maloom hai, ke mamala kuch aur hai’. He might not be able to explain what that ‘something else’ is, but by the end of the track there seems to be catharsis in the realisation itself.


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