Laqeer Ke Faqeer

Laqeer Ke Faqeer create a haunting rock anthem on ‘Mithu Donda’

Mithu Donda begins with a frankly goosebumps inducing opening verse, half sung-spoken by Laqeer Ke Faqeer, the husband-wife duo from Lahore. Maryam Shams has such a delicate voice it feels like it’s been sculpted by glass. But it’s nonetheless full of threat and undercover malice: “mein abbay nu bulawan ga”, she whispers. Then her husband Shams Gondal swaggers in with the polar opposite: a thick, gravelly, deep rendition of the same verse.

SomeWhatSuper & Laqeer Ke Faqeer – Mithu Donda (Lyrical Video)

It works as a brilliant start for the duality present in the song. The narrative follows ‘Mithu Donda’ who, as the couple have themselves said, is “a street child who cries all the time, doesn’t know anything about relationships, or special food or anything, but never misses a chance to con or steal because he thinks Allah will forgive him because he has endured so much pain”. Then we switch to ‘Maanu Chota, thora mota’, who lives a totally different and opposite life of extravagance and excess. Laqeer Ke Faqeer present them as potentially two sides of the same coin, the beggar and the ‘waderay ka beta’, not because of their wildly different places in social class, but because of their intellectual dishonesty.

Khaas Log – Laqeer ke Faqeer – Mithu Donda | MangoBaaz

What really jumps out is the production from SomeWhatSuper. When you see the electronic duo’s name here, you expect that massive, anthemic, EDM sound that they have made their name with. On Mithu Donda, though, SWS deliver their most mature production yet, stepping back out of the spotlight and allowing the natural sound of Laqeer Ke Faqeer to come through. The hard rock influence, together with little electronic flourishes, work perfectly here. And somehow it doesn’t sound hopelessly out of date (which is often the case with musicians trying rock music in 2018).

An unexpected collaboration between EDM giants SomeWhatSuper and pretty unknown husband-wife duo Laqeer Ke Faqeer proves to be a surprisingly moving and musically interesting experiment, and we’re excited to see what both bands bring to the table next.


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