Dosti Music Project Travelers cover art

‘Patience’ is a frustrated plea for new experiences

‘Tell me something new’ sings Slowspin, ‘I’m running out of patience’. There’s a palpable frustration with inertia in this stunning track from Dosti Music Project ‘s Travelers, which is a triumph of instrumentation and collaboration. Slowspin’s contemporary vocal beautifully compliments Debasmita Bhattacharya’s sur. Alongside is Danish Khawaja on guitar, Greg Chudzik and Chris Marianetti on bass and keys respectively, and Darbuka Siva on drums. Finally, theres Bhattacharya’s sarod as the star of the show, used conservatively but at just the right moments.

It’s a testament to Chris Botta & Chris Marianetti’s production that these disparate styles – electronic ambient and South Asian classical – come together so cohesively while still managing to propel the narrative of the track.

As the bass menaces underneath, Slowspin rejects faithlessness and wishes for weightlessness. By the end of the track, when the instrumentation splinters off and evaporates into wisps, she may have just got her wish.


Patience is track from the album Travelers, released May 26th by The Dosti Music Project and Found Sound Records. The project brings together musicians from Pakistan, India and the USA. 

You can buy the album on Bandcamp, or stream it through Patari





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