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Surge – Sail Into Night

I came across Sail Into Night after they were featured on Beehype for their debut EP ‘Passenger’. The band is UAE-based Pakistani duo of Zara (harmonium, vocals) and Nabil (guitars, vocals, drums).

‘Surge’, the second track from the EP, is the standout. It revolves around a single repeated lyric – ‘Father mine, I don’t understand’ (I think!) – and the opaqueness of the lyric really opens up the track. Whether the connotations are religious or patriarchal, there’s the feeling of the duo searching for answers, but it’s a tired search. As though by repeating their confusion again and again, it may bring about some understanding.

And by the end, when the track builds to a climax, it seems like it’s worked. There’s a sense of closure and, even though it may be superficial, there’s something comforting about that.

You can stream the whole EP on SoundCloud or YouTube, and you can buy it on Bandcamp.

This track is 9 months old but idc. Keep an ear out for this exciting duo.

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