Watch Wooly and the Uke and Poor Rich Boy artwork

Wooly and the Uke returns with brilliant, mysterious single ‘Watch’

Watch, only Wooly and the Uke’s second song, begins in the same way as her first: a softly plucked ukulele line while Aziz almost whispers over the top, swallowing her vowels. ‘Here come the highest highs, here come the lowest lows’, she sings. On Watch, Aziz tries to navigate a middle ground between zenith and nadir. But even the highest highs are looked upon with suspicion here; baby got shot to the sky again…and again, she sings, wearily, exhausted from the effort.

If Circus was about an external threat (the first words of that single are the ominous ‘There’s somebody!’) then Watch is far more introspective, worried about the threats in the mind itself. ‘Here come the feelings’, she sings, ‘here come the waves of a lonely mind’. Aziz oscillates between being shot out into space and the waves on a shoreline, not quite sure where to go.

‘WATCH’ – Wooly and the Uke feat. Poor Rich Boy

What makes Wooly’s music particularly interesting is her ability to work with different producers who have starkly different styles, and yet still manage to sound distinctly like herself. Circus, produced by Jamal Rahman, had a gothic, theatrical, melodramatic vibe to it, feeling almost like it could have soundtracked a horror film. Here, Zain Ahsan from Poor Rich Boy, fills the record with layer upon layer of detail and texture. But what results is not something concrete and definite, but amorphous and slippery. It glides through genres – from alternative into a funky groove, and shifts in the second half into a totally different vibe, doubling down on the melancholy with Umer Khan’s vocals added to the mix. It all sounds completely coherent and oddly cinematic. The same could be said of Circus – Aziz seems to write songs that lend themselves to be visually expressed.

Watch is another great single from an artist who is totally willing to experiment and collaborate. In this case, the creative synthesis results in a heartfelt single that is wonderfully rich with detail.

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