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Cheemgadar dials up the weirdness on Adambezaar Part 1 and 2

Here’s a claim, but I’ll stand beside it: Cheemgadar is an evident postmodernist. He flips quickly and easily from real honesty and vulnerability on ‘Endless Summer’ to this two-parter ‘Adambezaar’, with an artwork of a stock party emoji with watermarks. Like most postmodern culture, any real feeling has to be immediately undercut with an ironic remark, or a vulgar joke. If you’ve ever watched an interview with David Foster Wallace, you’ll know immediately what this looks like: he winces every time he says something that might be perceived as pretentious or vaguely aphoristic. ‘Did I just give away too much?’ says the wince.

Similarly, then, Hyder Cheema has carved out a space as an artist with a sense of humour but also intense self-awareness. In Adambezaar, he disdainfully looks around at the conversations going on around him: ‘Park mein bethey, phir wohi bakwaas’. But there’s the feeling that he’s also telling himself to shut the fuck up – the way both tracks end and almost clip the vocal for instance. I’m not sure if there’ll be a Part 3, but Cheemgadar is playing with styles here, from the heavily vocoded and dark Part 1 to a jazzier Part 2. Whatever this is, it’s weird, fun, and got a Cheemgadar watermark.

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