Khudahafiz Artwork

The D/A Method release latest single ‘Khudahafiz’, detail second album ‘The Desert Road’


Karachi prog-rock band The D/A Method are gearing up for the release of their sophomore LP ‘The Desert Road’, the follow up to 2015’s ‘The Great Disillusion’. The stunning lead single from the upcoming album, ‘The Desert Journey’, has been the highlight so far, a duet of progressive rock and south asian classical music, merging the sitar with the guitar, the sarangi with crashing cymbals. It’s a pretty arresting piece of music, refreshingly ambitious in it’s scope and scale. The track came with it’s own fittingly ambitious music video: a long take through the narrow corridors of a brothel.

Now, the band has released the third, and one would expect final, single ‘Khudahafiz’ before the album drops on the 14/09/2017. While not quite as ‘big’ as ‘The Desert Journey’, the track nonetheless ramps up the melodrama. It begins with cinematic rain patters before the theatrical entry of the santur. Vocalists Talha Alvie and Usama Siddiq lament about a reluctant goodbye, and the vocals become progressively more raw as the track reaches a climax. With these three impressive singles, the album promises to be a worthy follow up to their last effort.

Get hyped. 14/09/2017.

If you’re in Karachi, you can go and see The D/A Method perform live, along with Takatak, at the Bahria Auditorium. You’d be dumb to miss it. Get your tickets and more info about the event here.

Check out the album artwork:

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