mosiki mixtape august 2017

New tracks from Cheeems, Takatak, Dynoman and more in August’s Mosiki Mixtape

Eid Mubarak! That’s why this mixtape is 4(!) days late. I ate so much meat this weekend that I’m really considering going vegetarian, or at least pescatarian. ANYWAY let’s get to it.

First up, something fun! Cheeems’ latest single ‘Chor Machae Shor‘ is a buzzy electronic pop tune that draws from bands like Talking Heads, taking full advantage of an earwormy almost a cappella chorus. Maybe Cheeems is our very own David Byrne. This track is super fun, don’t miss it.

Foreversouth co-founder Dynoman has released a big house track ‘TRACK ID?’, with a brilliantly used sample of ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’: ‘It’s been said she knocks them dead when she lands in town’. These odd warbly vocals mixed with Dynoman’s typically precise production makes for a strange but beautiful marriage.

Fellow Foreversouth founder Rudoh has also released  fresh material this month with ‘The Only’, featuring fellow Karachi artist BNK. It’s a funky and sultry track with delayed guitars coupled with shimmery, wispy vocals, all stapled down with a forceful bassline.

Next up is the new single ‘Jibraatka’ from Takatak’s upcoming EP ‘Out of Something’. Full disclaimer I don’t really know much about metal music, so I asked my friends who did, and they said things like ‘very progressive’, ‘technically great’, ’loved it’ and other nice stuff like that. Definitely worth a listen, and we can’t wait to hear the EP.

‘Auxibuzz’ from Karachi musician Saulat Qadri replicates the struggles of anyone who has ever used an aux cable. But here the annoying stereo panning and the classic buzz of a frayed cable becomes something oddly comforting. With wireless tech becoming more widespread, we may never have to be tortured by bad cables again, but we’ll nonetheless miss it. Qadri backs the aux buzz with meditative synths and it feels like a bittersweet farewell.

Visual artist OCEÁ has created a short collection of musical, let’s call them ‘vignettes’, to accompany her exhibition project at Gandhara-art Space. In her own words: ‘I have combined music with my perspective as a girl, growing up and living in the cultural and societal norms of Pakistan.’ And with the help of Tollcrane and Hum Tas, there are some great moments here. ‘Fast Girls’ is an anthem for any girl who has ever had the complinsult ‘tez’ thrown at them, and ‘Beta’ is a tragic riff on Nirvana’s ‘Been a Son’. Well worth checking out this collection.

To close out the mixtape, Hassan Hadeed brings some #feels with ‘Heart of Evoke’, using plucky guitars layered over each other, and his voice floating above, to create a blissful and melancholic soundscape. Pretty stuff.


Those Retards released their debut EP Foot Fingers, which is available exclusively on Patari. It’s a great EP, more to come on this soon.

Sikandar Ka Mandar released their brilliant single ‘Gehri Neend’, one of our TAAZA tracks. Watch the video below:

Until next month!

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