September’s Mosiki Mixtape features new tracks from NOMAD, Streams of Soan, Dynoman and more

Alright so it’s the end of September so let’s kick off the Mosiki Mixtape and GET REALLY SAD. Streams of Soan aka Hasan Abbas has released a new single ‘Far Enough Into The Darkness, I Ceased To Exist’, which is such a typical post-rock title it’s almost parody. But this is a beautiful track and has Abbas firing on all cylinders. Like ‘The Grief That Does Not Speak’, Streams’ best work comes from creating textures and melodies that feel utterly and almost uncomfortably sincere. You could feel the mourning in ‘Grief’, and you can feel the existential loss here. The roughly strummed acoustic guitar gives the track a rawness, while the sparkling tremolo picking adds a dose of hazy nostalgia.

Next up is one of my favourites. Cheeems has an uncanny knack for creating indie pop gems and ‘Kamzor’ is no different. He keeps things mysterious – ‘silsilay kuch aur hain’ – but whether he’s reaching into the top of his register with a falsetto or giving a more guttural growl, every sequence is hook. The change up is unpredictable and leads us briefly down a neon electronic alley, before returning back to the main melody, one that’s been embedded in my head ever since I listened to this. Amazing stuff, once again.

Dynoman’s back with another track in advance of his next album. ‘TRACK ID 2?’ comes with the artist’s typical attention to detail, the feeling that every single drum beat, every odd break in the track, is meticulously placed. Dynoman calls it ‘Cosmic Funky Broken Beat’ and that’s pretty accurate. This is a meteor shower reentering a planetary atmosphere: fragmented and otherworldly.

We’ll have more to say about The D/A Method’s sophomore album ‘The Desert Road’ that released this month. You can listen to the entire album on Patari, and one of the highlights is the fantastic ‘The Desert Journey’. Mixing multiple south Asian classical instruments with rock guitars, and making the whole thing feel totally cohesive, makes this a triumph. Not to be missed.

NOMAD has been AWOL recently, but has just returned with the intriguing ‘Tortoise Drum (Prelude)‘. It’s a swelling and beautiful ambient track with NOMAD’S spectral vocals haunting throughout. Big, thunderous drums kick in and this is perhaps the biggest NOMAD has ever sounded. On Soundcloud, there’s an accompanying lyric sheet: ‘time to carry home / wherever you go / time to grow / by being slow / like a tortoise’. It’s that profound simplicity that keeps us coming back to NOMAD. This prelude might be a sign of more to come from the Karachi artist, and we couldn’t be more excited.

To close out this month’s mixtape, let’s GET REALLY HAPPY (for a change) with SZUR’s ‘Finding Home’, take from his album released this month. It’s a poppy tropical house tune that features enough production details to keep it interesting. Looking forward to hearing more from this young and talented producer.


Karachi ambient artist Asfandyar Khan dropped a surprise EP ‘everything, at the last minute’. We’ll have more to say on this shortly too, but in the meantime, you can hear the album below on Patari. Be sure to check out ‘a different sea’, in particular.

That’s it for this month’s mosiki mixtape, see you next month!

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