mosiki mixtape march 2020

Mosiki Mixtape – March 2020

All the freshest tracks from March to get you through the quarantine.

How’s everyone doing in quarantine? Sick of that question yet? I hope everyone is doing alright, and staying safe, and doing whatever you can to keep everyone else safe too. Solidarity might be the only thing that gets us through this. That and a vaccine.

Thankfully, our artists are releasing music to help us through these tough times. We don’t usually promote branded stuff here, but Jamal Rahman and Harsakhiyan came out with an amazing rendition of ‘Gulabi Chunariya’ that I’ve been obsessed with.

It’s been a good month for the singer songwriters too, who’ve been blessing us with acoustic melodies and sweet lyrics. We did a Smog City Session with Mehdi Maloof, where he sang his beautiful song ‘Kahin Main Khirki Toh Nahin?’ that’s been keeping us sane. Zahra Paracha came out with a solo debut ‘Tum Kaafi Ho’, which is a gorgeous, heartfelt and uplifting track, showcasing her production chops as well. Sofia Khan and Mahak Qayyum round out the acoustic songs with a lo-fi vibe that makes them sound even better.

Nishtar Park’s ‘Zindagi Se Darte Ho’ recite Noon Meem Rashid’s poetry backed by wonderfully textured instrumentation, and closing out the mixtape are Rakae Jamil, Omar Mukhtar and Young Desi, all using south Asian classical sounds in completely different genres, showing just how diverse these artists really are.

Finally, Ali Ashraf gives us an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT MESSAGE with a hilarious trap tune, half PSA, half banger.

This is one of the best Mixtapes we’ve done so far, full of really amazing tracks. Thanks to the artists. We’re sure we’ve missed a lot of great music – make us feel bad about it and let us know!

Also, the track isn’t on SoundCloud, but Schumaila Rehmat Hussain released ‘Urh Ja Re’, a delicate, beautiful track that we made a video for. Check it out below.

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