February New Music

New music this week – February 2017

Lots of new music released this week:

A Sudden Sullen Turn – Asfandyar Khan

Ambient artist Asfandyar Khan, also known by his electronic alter ego TMPST, has released a melancholic new track in a ‘A Suddent Sullen Turn’. The last we heard of Khan was his contribution to the Forever South Collections Vol. 4, but it’s good to see him returning to his ambient side once more. Khan says the song is made of ‘half-forgotten memories’, and you can certainly hear the pained nostalgia here. Give it a listen here.


Wonderful to be – CHERRISH

A beautiful and tragic ode to life. Read about it here.



Kursiyaan – The Tamaashbeens

In ‘Lighter Maachis’, The Tamaashbeens’ breakout hit, the birdsong that opens the track becomes a fundamental part of the music itself and, by the end, is fully autotuned into a weird synthetic warble. Here, in the similarly simple and folky ‘Kursiyaan’, the band builds upon this idea, replacing the birdsong with barking dogs. ‘Dhoop mein behti hain ye kursiyaan’, they sing, and it paints an inert, sun-soaked image, complete with stray dogs loitering in the background.



Sibylline – Spirare and Tipu Sabziwaar

An unsettling glimpse into the future. A taaza new track.



Manto (Original Soundtrack) – Jamal Rahman

Composer, producer, and founder of True Brew Records Jamal Rahman has released the complete soundtrack to the feature film ‘Manto’ based, of course, on the great Indo-Pakistani writer Saadat Hasan Manto. What’s immediately noticeable is how deep and diverse the soundtrack is, with Rahman moving from constructing tight pop songs to frenzied breakdowns to lush compositions. There’s lots to unpack here, and we’ll be taking a look at it soon. In the meantime, here’s a personal favourite.


Balcoon – Bachar Mar-Khalifé (Dynoman Remix)

Dynoman gives us a bouncy, almost 8-bit, remix of ‘Balcoon’ by Bachar Mar-Khalifé. Not to be missed.


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