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True Brew TV kicks off with a synth-pop banger from Janoobi Khargosh

Lahore-based indie outfit Janoobi Khargosh are the first band to appear on True Brew TV, a brand new music channel from the good folks over at True Brew Records. True Brew TV will feature new, original music from the most exciting Pakistani artists, every week.

If you’ve never been to a True Brew concert, and happen to be in Lahore when gig season swings by (very soon actually), make sure to catch a show: they have great sound, great atmosphere, and most importantly, great acts playing.

Janoobi Khargosh on True Brew TV
Janoobi Khargosh on True Brew TV

One of those acts was Janoobi Khargosh, led by frontman Waleed Ahmed, who played in winter of 2016. This first episode of ‘Live at True Brew’ features their track ‘Mars’, a bright, galactic synth-pop track that grooves through on funky guitars and a earwormy synth melody, played by Umer Ahmed.

True Brew TV will have two different formats. ‘Live at True Brew’ will feature mixed and mastered recordings of the live shows. The other ‘Singles’ format will have artists playing one-off renditions of their songs in the studio, mashing together the feeling of a live performance with the precision of a studio recording.

I tried to get Jamal Rahman, founder of True Brew Records, to give up some details about future acts playing on the channel, but he’s keeping quiet about the full line-up, so every week will be a nice surprise. In the meantime, watch the latest in our “Mosiki Meets’ series, where we spoke to Jamal about True Brew TV.

It’s a great start for the series, which you’ll be able to catch every Thursday at 6pm over on the True Brew Records Facebook and YouTube pages. If that doesn’t scratch your itch for new, original Pakistani music then I don’t know what will.


Don’t forget to subscribe, and let the artists know if you enjoyed it! Let’s support original, independent music. 

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