Cashmere swet shop boys artwork
Cashmere artwork

Cashmere – Swet Shop Boys

Cashmere swet shop boys artwork

First Impressions:


I get ‘interviewed’ at Durham Airport (fucking DURHAM airport) where a nice woman looks through my bags and says what’s this? (hard drive) and what’s this? (camera batteries) and have you ever been involved in tribal warfare? (no). I feel like a little schoolboy and I’m reminded of a time at school when the lunch lady asks me if I’m vegetarian. I don’t know what that means (I’m like 5 or something and stupid) and say ‘NO, I’m PAKISTANI’. She laughs and tells my mum. 


Poor Pervez 🙁


This is great! Like a old bollywood song put through a prog-hop filter! You can really hear Himanshi Suri’s hand in this one, reminds me of Michael Jackson from his stint in Das Racist.

Zayn Malik

‘Even hipster’s ain’t safe, you gotta be careful what part of your face is shaved’ Someone once said that I was a hipster and I chalked it down as the biggest compliment that I received that year. I had done absolutely everything I could to cultivate this image so it’s nice that it paid off. But RizMC’s right, can’t even be a BritPak hipster without worrying if the beard is too long and just makes everyone play the game, Hipster or Moz?

Phone Tap

Both Heems and Riz MC are on top lyrical form here. It’s fun, it’s clever, but also scary and paranoid. The track is anxious and disturbed. Really great.

Shoes off

This is such a goofy, almost video-game beat but the initial lines from Heems are just devastating. ‘I take my shoes off at the Mandir, I take my shoes off at the airport’. The airport here becomes almost a place of worship. One of the few places where, as brown ppl, you are reminded so completely of your skin colour. The Airport as a temple of prejudice and categorisation. Where in the mosque the shoes are taken off as respect to the divine, at the Airport Church we worship the TSA, our God in the Sky, our Great Protector.

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