mosiki podcast

Listen to our new Mosiki Podcast feat. Yasser Puri

Hi! We have a new podcast, imaginatively titled ‘The Mosiki Podcast’. We’ll be talking about all the latest alternative Pakistani music, culture and lots of other stuff.

On our first episode, we have a special guest Yasser Puri, who is a filmmaker and content creator (you might recognize him from MangoBaaz videos).

On this episode we talk about Coke Studio and Ko Ko Korina, subcultures abroad vs subcultures in Pakistan, the exciting community that is growing around vloggers in Pakistan, and more.

Subscribe, comment, let us know your feedback and if you’d like to hear more!

Currently available on soundcloud, spotify. Coming soon to itunes and other podcasting platforms. Let us know where you listen, and we’ll try our best to be there.


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