abdullah siddiqui - resistance

TAAZA: Abdullah Siddiqui crafts a rumbling and addictive pop song with ‘Resistance’

Abdullah Siddiqui has the perfect voice for pop music. It’s polished but without the corporate sheen, vulnerable but without sentimentality, and sincere enough that you can believe it. Every time Siddiqui has embraced this pop side of his music, he has gone from strength to strength. The brilliant Fiction, with those glittering horns that punctuate the chorus are pop perfection but with that fabled independent touch.


On Resistance, he moves in a darker direction, with rumbling synths and a warbling bass line. When the chorus swaggers in, it bangs. Siddiqui’s naïve voice fits the tone perfectly here: ‘I thought my pain was valid till I saw cross the distance’, he sings, with a critical introspection that’s rare to find in pop songs.

That’s not to say that the track doesn’t feature a number of standard cliches: ‘write myself a happy ending / tearing out the page’, for instance, or the ending refrain, ‘where the hell did I go wrong / keeping my heart locked up so long’. Occasionally his writing flips between these cliches and much more opaque, abstract phrasing such as ‘I broke the bridge in two / Break the rules of my existence’. This ends up keeping things interesting, stopping the track from tipping over the edge into the territory of platitudes. The more abstract stuff allows Siddiqui to flirt with pop language while still maintaining some mystery in his music.

‘Resistance’ is another positive step for Abdullah Siddiqui, who is proving to be a remarkably talented young producer, willing to experiment and stretch in the playground that is modern pop music.


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