natasha noorani and talal qureshi

TAAZA: Talal Qureshi and Natasha Noorani team up for ‘Constant Summer’

Constant Summer sounds like the surrender to a day that was just a bit too hot, a bit too humid, but nonetheless you don’t want it to end. Talal Qureshi’s production is, as usual, stellar, melding alternative pop and RnB to great effect. Bouncy synths, groovy percussion, and pitch-shifted vocals result in a weird but mesmerising summer jam

Natasha Noorani’s singing matches up perfectly with this production style. Her own EP ‘Munaasib’ had a similar lyrical style, but her melody on Constant Summer is more approachable and less meandering than on most of the tracks on ‘Munaasib’, and the track is the better for it.

Lyrically, Noorani showcases her knack for crafting a turn of phrase, and Summer is full of them. “We are more than blunders” sticks out, and the shrug with which she sings “wouldn’t even mind if we don’t survive” is perfect. And although there are the occasional clunky lines – “spite inlaid with contrasting insecurities” – Noorani manages to beat these syllables into the shape of the melody, and so even these somehow work.

Constant Summer is one of those esoteric jams that begs multiple listens, especially when the sun sits on the horizon; a full stop to a blisteringly hot day.

Listen to it below, or on Spotify.

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