Dus Rupay Glass artwork

TAAZA: ‘Dus Rupay Glass’ by Saulat Qadri

Saulat Qadri’s latest track centres around the repeated phrase ‘dus rupay glass’ blaring from a distant juice vendor. And even though Qadri warns us with a disclaimer – ‘you might find the loops monotonous’ – it’s quickly evident that that is the point. This 11 minute track reminded me of composer Steve Reich’s famous ‘Come Out‘, where he uses a vocal sample (“I had to, like, open the bruise up, and let some of the bruise blood come out to show them”) and loops it over itself, creating something hypnotic and deeply disconcerting. And while ‘Dus Rupay Glass’ doesn’t have the political bite that ‘Come Out’ does, it nonetheless gives a similar sense of hypnosis and rhythm, especially as the sample moves in and out of phase with the percussion behind it.

Karachi artist MU has also done something similar with his ‘Shor Bazaar‘ sound installations, and it’s really interesting to see these artists using the sounds of the city and incorporating them into their work.

Here’s what Saulat Qadri says about the track on SoundCloud:
This experimental song was recorded few months back but I was not sure if this should be shared online or not. Sam and I recorded the first voice (Dus Rupay Glass), coming from a megaphone which was strategically placed on a juice vendor’s handcart at Clifton beach. The voice was looping on the megaphone and we could hear it from the parking lot approaching the beach. The juice seller told us that it was the voice of his father. We interviewed the juice seller and included a tiny loop of the interview in the song as well. After the recording we drove around in the car listening to only the loop, “Dus Rupay Glass”. It sounded hypnotic. At that time we were not really sure as to what to do with it but after few days of listening we decided to make an experimental song out of it. So here it is. Enjoy!

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