Happy Machines - Karachi Night

Frostbitten Kitten by Karachi Night

Karachi Night, aka Yousef Qadeer, has two releases, both from 2015: ‘Happy Machines’ and the 4-track ‘Composure’ EP. With a heavy garage punk sound – maybe some Velvet Undergound influence? –  Karachi Night often anchors his tracks to a stiff bassline that remains solid and unwavering throughout. ‘Frostbitten Kitten’ is similar – a trudging bass with Qadeer’s warbly and distorted vocals wailing above. It’s funky, a little bit uncomfortable, and a lot of fun. The track culminates in a distorted mess of samples, buzzy synths and static, like patching into pirate radio. It was difficult to pick a favourite; the whole album is very much worth checking out.

Below is ‘Rotary’, from the ‘Composure’ EP, which is equally good.

You can buy the albums on Bandcamp, or listen on SoundCloud.

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