Janoobi Khargosh - Captain Space

TAAZA: Janoobi Khargosh’s latest song ‘Captain Space’ is an ecstatic journey to the stars

When you find out that Waleed Ahmed, the brain behind Janoobi Khargosh, co-wrote his latest single Captain Space with his then-8-year-old brother, it’s not much of a surprise. The lyrics here are simple and childish in the best way, stressing the importance of friendship and of blasting out into space with your buddies because that would be awesome.

The childish glee of the writing is matched by the composition. It’s all 80’s throwback on Captain Space with cosmic atmospheres, chunky synthesiser riffs, and just boatloads of fun. The guitar stands out the most here though, with a catchy and ectastic melody that almost seems like a Shepard Tone; it rises and rises, constantly ascending, perhaps mimicking the ascent of a rocket to the stratosphere…

Janoobi Khargosh has always been a quirky and weird project full of futuristic sounds, obsessed with cats and the cosmos. Captain Space shows us where Janoobi really belongs: out among the stars.

Listen to the track below, and keep an ear out for the upcoming album!

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