The Epic Keeray Makoray

Keeray Makoray’s latest single ‘The Epic’ lives up to its name

Naming your 7 minute track ‘The Epic’ is usually a solid setup for hubris. The listening experience becomes more of a live review; is this as good as it advertises itself to be?

And the latest Keeray Makoray track is pretty much a perpetual show-off. The way the song moves structurally, the fluid skipping through genres and, the most evident one, the beautiful saxophone sequence towards the end. There’s the danger here of ‘peacocking’, of a band pulling out all the stops when it probably shouldn’t have, turning the listener away with excess.

Thankfully, though, the band manage to sidestep this, primarily because of their attention to detail and simplicity. When there’s a guitar solo happening, that’s the main focus of the track. When Jibran Saeed’s saxophone swoons in, it’s in the spotlight. Altamash Sever’s vocal is buried deep into the mix when it’s a supporting character. Later, it jumps to the front, duetting with the guitar at the front of the stage. All of these elements almost act like cinematography but, instead of controlling where your eyes are drawn in a frame, Keeray Makoray try to focus your ears. The track itself orbits around a very simple, lovely guitar riff which returns every now and again like a motif.

And while the lyrics might not really make any kind of emotional dent, they are suitably melodramatic for the song. It all comes together to create something that is actually pretty stunning and, yeah, epic.


You can listen to more of Keeray Makoray here.

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