Natasha Humera Ejaz God In Me

Natasha Humera Ejaz’s new song ‘God in Me’ is a spiritual and heartfelt poem


The french horn that swoons in on Natasha Humera Ejaz’s latest single ‘God In Me’ does a little duet with her vocal at the beginning of the track, a delicate dance. The interplay between these two is the compositional thread that holds the track together, stopping things from being too vague or foggy. But the french horn also gives the track a feeling of grandness, like you’re watching a Terrence Malick film or gazing at the cosmos.

It’s all pretty appropriate given the subject matter; Ejaz sings about spirituality and God and ‘the truth you cannot see’. But there’s a tinge of frustration here: ‘there no point in trying to prove the truth’, she says, resigned. The song revolves around a single kernel of ‘truth’ that Ejaz holds close to her chest, clutching it like a prized possession, repeating it like a mantra: ‘the God in me is you’. It’s difficult to know what to make of it, it reads like a riddle. But it suggests spirituality as a deep, complex, and personal thing.

It’s a beautiful suitcase of a song that forces you to unpack it’s meaning. And while it may not have the emotional gut punch of some of Natasha Humera Ejaz’s previous work, especially when she sings in Urdu on the brilliant Raqeeb, it’s great to hear from this talented artist once again. We can’t wait for more.

Listen to the song on Patari, and watch the music video below. Support our local artists!

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