Teeen the band

After 4 years, Karachi blues-pop band Teeen return with another beautiful track

In our review of their gorgeous debut EP, we asked “what happened to Teeen?” Thankfully it’s a question we don’t have to ask anymore. The band, made up of vocalist Sara Haider, guitarist Imam Hamdani,  bassist Ahsan Ghulam Hyder, and with production by Omran Shafique, emerged as a fully-formed idea. It felt like they had been doing this for years – the confidence just oozed out of the record.

It’s been about 4 years since then, and Teeen are back, finally, with Ja Ba Ja, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The production from Omran Shafique is stellar, as you’d expect, taking some of the funk from his own band Mauj and melding it with Teeen’s poppier sound. But this is a track that really rewards multiple listens – there’s a lot of pretty little touches added here in the mix. Whether it’s the occasional bongo drum fill, or the frequent use of the wah wah pedal, or the jazzy keys that pop up here and there, everything just seems to work effortlessly. There’s years and years of experience behind a track like this, and the best thing is you can feel it. ‘Relax, you’re in good hands’ is the feeling the track exudes. I said the same thing about their debut EP and it still holds true now.

Omran Shafique
Omran Shafique showcases his excellent production on ‘Ja Ba Ja’. Picture Credit: Firstpost

The guitar work by Imam Hamdani and Ahsan Ghulam Hyder are solid as you’d expect, and Haider turns in another pristine vocal performance. Her voice just fits so well into the bluesy-pop groove of Teeen, I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. She adds a uniquely contemporary touch to the band. As a lyricist, Haider’s writing is similar to her voice. She’s singing about ‘doorian’, ‘rehta hai tu dil mein’, and the repeated ‘raat dhalay’ – it’s nothing new but it sounds genuine and heartfelt, and isn’t that why we love pop music? With the fresh sound behind it, these time-tested lyrics are given a new modern twist.

After a prolonged hiatus, Teeen return in 2019 with another much-needed injection of pop bliss. It’s sure good to have them back.



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