Aangan Tehra Shorbanoor

Watch Shorbanoor perform in the first episode of our new series ‘Aangan Tehra’

Our new series is called Aangan Tehra where we try and film artists and musicians in unconventional spaces, out in the open. Inspired by La Blogotheque’s ‘Take Away Shows’, we love hearing music performed in one take in a public space.

Our first episode features the wonderful Shorbanoor, a Lahore-based musician whose genre he himself classifies as ‘deth-pop’. This track – In You Go, Indigo – is a lovely and delicate song for his son, sung on a rooftop in Lahore as the sun was setting. ‘I might fuck this up man’, Shehzad Noor says to me before we start to roll, but what happened after was just the opposite. Whatever the opposite of fucking up is.

Have a watch below, and keep a look out for more in this series!

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